Dear Diary ,

March , 18, 2013
I cant settle on a handwriting pattern
I cant settle on a facial expression Sometimes I feel like a fake Just that somebody seeking attention .Other times its like raining pain on a soul that’s not mine, But I feel what it feels , I think what it wants me to think And I feel like im drowning in it .
How could you drown in your own skin ? I’ve had it for years , but I can’t seem to find comfort in it It limits me to being this hallow shell .
Sometimes I wonder why we’re drawn to beauty when it can be so easily erased It. can be wiped with just an action
A word
A change IN heart
The absence of essence is what I might be lacking.
It doesnt feel like a noose tightening around my neck Nothing like that at all. The voices just consume me as whole. Sometimes I want to feel nothingĀ 
Be nothing
Stay Nothing.