A Burden

Blue stars

Blue wind

Blue light

I Found the secret you hid every night
I saw the Dancing moon Hovering nervously above the clouds
You danced gracefully,
Touching light
Stepping closer
Your wrists bear maps of the past
The truth in our story revealed
knots of our history come undone
As memories Sway to grey
The wind takes control of my paralyzed body
Lies living in your veins ate your faith
You played me like a marionette
My knees give in to temptation
I fall victim to my worst fear
Strings tear apart
Beauty was all but in your heart
Taken by the delicate glass tears ,
The wild tornado in your eyes made me feel closer to home
As the Moon eclipses,
Shadows arise
Your eyes shine
Dwelling red.
But you’ve hurt no one but yourself
I find strange comfort in loosing myself to your eyes


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