The Lunar Chronicles : Cinder


Magic and technology . I was never able to imagine a world where these two were combined . I just couldn’t understand how one could possibly relate to the other .Reading this novel definitely proved otherwise .

The story begins with cinder .The renowned mechanic in the city of New Beijing .She’s a cyborg ( half human , half robot ) which makes her an outcast . People believe that her kind shouldn’t exist , they’re an abomination . She’s  average brown eyed brunette ( you know , unless you count in her robot parts ). One day prince Kai stops by and asks Cinder to fix his android ( mini robot servant ). Yes it can be predictable , but really , it’s a modern fairytale , so what do you really expect ?

Anyway , the story pretty much starts off from that point .Cinder discovers some secrets of her mysterious past and maybe gets herself thrown into jail …… Also , the term “Lunars” is what eartheans call people who live on the moon.Yes .The Moon.

They have “special” powers , they can manipulate the bio-electricity of humans into thinking , seeing & doing whatever Lunars want  .So they’re basically the ”bad guys” in this novel. I don’t want to post any spoilers so you’ll have the pick up the novel and read for yourself .

It’s predictable at some points , but also pretty funny.I love reading modern fairytales because they make me feel like an 8 year old again.Definitely enjoyed this book and loved the sequel even more  which started off with a new main character and continued Cinder’s story as well .


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